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Aramaic is a Semitic language that was once the lingua franca of Mesopotamia. The first known inscriptions of Aramaic date to the late tenth or early ninth century B.C. In a phenomenal wave of expansion, Aramaic spread over Palestine and Syria and large tracts of Asia and Egypt, replacing many languages, including Akkadian and Hebrew. [learn more...]

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Nasrani Foundation is a fellowship of likeminded Mar Thoma Nasranis (Saint Thomas Christians) laymen who are concerned about the identity of their mother Church – the Church of Mar Thoma Nasranis in India that happened to be divided into different Churches due to historical and political reasons. [Learn more...]


Until the vernacular, Malayalam, was introduced in 1962, the Catholic faction (Syro Malabar) of Mar Thoma Nasranis of Hendo used Syriac in their divine worship. Many ancient usages of Syriac language is still preserved among Syro Malabarians even though they do have a Dravidian influence in their pronunciation. Here we collect Prayers in East Syriac.[learn more...]